About Us

Our Story

We Dream in Colour is a black-owned, self-funded, and independent jewellery line designed and handmade with a focus on sustainability. Founder Jade Gedeon has been designing jewellery that separates itself with bold colours and rich patinas for over a decade.

In 2011 her sister Mika joined her full-time and has been instrumental in nurturing the line, championing the integrity of the product and process. Their combined goal: to craft brilliant pieces that will be well-loved for years to come, and prioritise the quality of life for their entire team over chasing aggressive growth.

Each and every piece is assembled by our all-women team in our Salem, MA studio. From small to big we take as many steps as we can to minimise our environmental impact. We use repurposed materials and earth-friendly processes wherever possible and focus on working with socially conscious suppliers.

Re-imagining classics and tweaking tradition across more than 700 styles, the line holds a little something for everyone. Enjoy the thrill of an estate sale discovery every time you open your jewel box with our vintage and antique influenced pieces; add a little lushness to your every day with nature-inspired motifs and textures; kick up your look with glamour pieces or find the perfect wear-with-everything style that you’ll never want to part with.  


Biographical Details

Jade Gedeon's influences range around the world. Owing much to her family's nomadic lifestyle, Jade enjoyed extensive exposure to a multitude of nations and cultures growing up. Born in the United States and raised in multicultural Trinidad and Tobago, she has made her home in the UK, Denmark, and Australia before settling on Boston's North Shore in Essex, MA.

Jade studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and Danmarks Designskole. She showed talent in drawing and fine art at a young age and went on to win a major art award. Subsequently, she has displayed her artwork in prominent galleries and authored and illustrated several publications.

In 2002 she decided to put her artful background to work to create wonderful things. Her love of travel and art history brings a depth of influence to the work, which features organic shapes and playful motifs inspired by myriad art and design movements. Re-imagining classics and tweaking tradition, the pieces are witty, surprising, and fashioned to stand out from the crowd—ensuring the wearer sparkles from season to season.